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We have all heard so much about this challenging viral pandemic. We've also heard that healthier people with no underlying medical conditions and good immune systems have a much higher chance to defeat this virus and live.

When people hear "underlying medical conditions," most think of the big ones: heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, etc. However, it is important that the commonly ignored underlying medical condition of nutritional insufficiency is recognized as a serious risk factor. It is also important to note that "immune system status" can be weakened, even for people not diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder.  


RubyMe has always been consistent in pointing out the much-too-common underlying medical condition of nutritional insufficiency that lays the foundation for poor health and weak "immune system status".  

Your immune system is made up of these five systems of your body: 

1.       Your skin: It is the wrap enclosing all your body and stops germs from easily invading and killing you.

2.       The epithelia: it is the lining inside of your body. The lining of your nose/sinuses, the lining of the lungs and connecting tubes, the lining of your gut from mouth to the anus, the lining of your womb [uterus] and vagina, the lining of your urinary tracts from kidneys down to the urethra where urine exits the body.

3.       Blood (Circulation) Vessels

4.       Bone Marrow

5.       The lymphatic systems: These stand like security guards in strategic positions to fight off germs that break through the barriers created by the skin and the interior linings



Here are five easy to recognize “underlying medical conditions"  that tells you how good or not “your immune status” is.

1.       If you are bleeding more than you should. You are just losing, right out of your body, all the miniature blood contents that fight germs

2.       Acne on your skin is a sign of ill health telling you that your skin won’t protect you optimally from germs.

3.       “Allergy” sniffles and back cough [always having to clear phlegm from the back of your throat. This could be a sign that your epithelia is unhealthy and unlikely to fight off coronavirus attacking your airways

4.       Hair loss and brittle nails.  Your hair and nails are all part of your skin and will show abnormal patterns when you are prone to danger.

5.       Memory loss, poor sleep:     Both signs of vitamins deficiency

RubyMe was designed to provide your body with fortified vitamins and micronutrients to prevent you from having “underlying medical conditions” and, naturally grant you that “good immune status” you have heard so much about.


RubyMe will deliver every vitamin your body needs! It was developed by a Gynecologist for women,  before the corona virus, but it is needed now more than ever.

RubyMe, always consistent and striving to keep you beautifully healthy.