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Hormones -like estrogen- play significant & various roles throughout the entire body!

However, hormones DO NOT act alone! They need some extra support to be


Ruby is an OB-GYN formulated

Estrogen Support Complex

designed to work in synergy with

your natural estrogen to resolve

abnormal bleeding.

Some of our tissue cells (like those of the uterus) posses specific receptors for hormones (like estrogen) to bind to & unlock specific functional instructions for the cells to carry out.   

Estrogen requires specific micro-nutrient support to:

-provide building blocks for its production in the ovaries

-& carry out cellular instructions unlocked by binding to its receptors 

Without complimentary estrogen support:

-estrogen production can diminish

-cellular instructions can jumble or burn out.   

As a result, many women suffer from excessive, abnormal periods (uterine bleeding).  

Provides the vital building blocks necessary for repairing the  broken-down lining of the uterus & STOPS excessive, abnormal bleeding.

Makes the most of your body's estrogen production while also providing a gentle boost.

WARNING: ***There are other serious diseases which may cause reproductive age women to bleed from the uterine lining not related to lack of estrogen support. These include [but are not limited to] cancers, bleeding disorders, medications, and foreign bodies. Always consult your physician to eliminate any and all of the concerns listed. When these serious conditions have been accounted for, the vast majority of women who are bleeding irregularly are those doing so because of lack essential building blocks.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.