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What's inside the Ruby capsule...

  • Formulated with

Artemisia Iwayomogi

  • Packed with essential building blocks needed to support estrogen & tissue regenerative functions

  • Vitally important extras afforded by Natural Amines and Minerals  

Artemisia Iwayomogi

Named ´╗┐for the Greek Goddess Artemis, botanical Artemisia species have been used for their medicinal properties across Asian, Indian, and European medicine for hundreds of years.

An edible medicinal herb, Artemisia has been used to treat irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cramps, and menopausal symptoms. [1] 

Ruby is formulated with Artemisia Iwayomogi, also known as Korean mugwort.

It is known to correct abnormal periods, ease menstrual cramps and stimulate the uterus to keep it functioning properly.

It is also know to aid in the absorption of nutrients [2]. This is a key aid to ensure that our estrogens are getting the vital building blocks they need.

Intended for women of any reproductive age. Not recommended for children. Always consult your doctor as needed and/or if you are pregnant.

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